Friday, March 5, 2010

Soundtrack His Silent Mind

His silent Mind Soundtrack:

I had this on my author's profile for a while on fanfictionnet while I was writing "His Silent Mind". Since I'm going to start a new series and are probably going to revamp my author's page, I figured I could make a proper soundtrack out of it and post it for someone to enjoy.

For those of you who don't know what I'm rambling about: This soundtrack is linked to this multi-chapter fanfic that I've finished two weeks ago. If you want to read it, go HERE.

Music is like a drug to me. It fuels my imagination and creates the scenes that I describe. For "His Silent Mind", the following tracks were absolutely inspiring.

Track 1: Psychobabble, Imogen Heap

For chapters 1 to 3, particularly the scenes between the Doctor and the Master in the asylum and with the Doctor, the real Doctor, searching alone at the edge of the universe, this brilliant song of Imogen called Psychobabble is all inspiring.

Track 2: Everything for free, K's choice

It's the crazy Master's hypertrack, the Master on a sugar/caffeine rush. Sad and delicious.

Track 3: Speeding Cars, Imogen Heap

For the flashback parts of their time together on Gallifrey, this second song from Imogen called speeding cars springs to mind, which supplied fitting background music for the Master's childhood gone wrong.

Track 4:Lazarus, Sophie Solomon and KT Tunstall

Stranded in no-mans land during the Great War, the Doctor and the Master experience the seize-fire at Christmas Eve. THis song called Lazarus performed by Sophie Solomon and KT Tunstall is as haunting as it is beautiful.

Track 5: Run, Snow Patrol

The Doctor leaves Gallifrey and his childhood friend behind when he runs away from the Academy. Snow Patrol's Run is perfect for the scene when the Master rush back to Graveyard fields, only to find the Doctor about to leave in his newly restored Tardis.

Track 6: Cruel Man, Intwine

Music for the killing fields when the Master completely loses control and can't stop hunting down the Redgrave gang. Called cruel man, this number is from the Dutch band Intwine.

Track 7: A Light that never dies, Sophie Solomon and Ralph Fiennes

In chapter 7 of His silent mind, the dazed Master is citing the lines of a musical piece performed by Sophie Solomon on the violin that is narrated by Ralph Fiennes. Named "A light that never dies." It's absolutely beautiful and bewitching.

Track 8:Bedshaped, Keane

When the Doctor finally finds the Master in chapter 8, the thought of him leading his much troubled friend back to the light is inspired by this song from Keane called Bedshaped.

Track 9: Black hat, Two steps from hell

In chapter 9, the Master takes his revenge on Rassilon, only to find out that the Lord president could be infinitely crueler than fate.

Track 10: My Medea, Vienna Teng

The Gallifreyan prophesy about the fate of the nightmare child that was inscribed on the doors of the entrance to the tower was inspired by the lyrics of this most beautiful song.

Track 11: Mordred's Lullaby, Heather Dale

In chapter 10, the morbid lullaby that the Master kept singing to himself as he faced his demise was inspired by this hauntingly beautiful and equally disturbing song about the only son of Morgan Lefay.

Track 12: Sleeping with Ghosts, Placebo

I actually fell so much in love with this song that I've made a music vid with it. Although the true meaning of the lyrics is not known to me, in my head it kinda describes the Doctor and the Master as soulmates, two brilliant minds, two last children of Gallifrey, both victims of the Timelord counsel's regime, and both facing their fear of death.

DOWNLOAD -His Silent Mind- soundtrack HERE


Coconut-CocaCola said...

Okay, two things:

1. Keep going your writtings! Your fanfics are priceless!

2. Are you going to do the soundtracks of the other three episodes?

Wenyan said...

You are absolutely wonderful :)