Saturday, July 31, 2010

shattered Worlds chapter 1

It's the 31st of July, and I have returned bearing fics....

Here it is, as promised, the first chapter of

Shattered Worlds

Spoilers: post The End of Time, non-canon

Part of Series: Shattered Worlds is part of a series called “A Timelord and his Madman”, but can be read as a stand-alone. The series include: (1) His Silent Mind, starting from the events of the End of Time, but with an alternative twist that the 10th Doctor was not forced to regenerate. (2) Judoon Justice. (3) A Murderous Feast. The links to these stories can be found on this website.

Ratings: PG

Characters: The 10th Doctor, The Master (John Simm), Martha Jones
Synopsis: A mysterious portal on an abandoned spaceship brings the 10th Doctor and the Master back to their common past. One small act, and the Master set things in motions that could lead to the dawn of a Golden Age, or to the destruction of creation itself.

Chapter 1 is HERE

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