Friday, June 22, 2012

A map of the Soul: Update

Hi Hemlock:  I hope you still did well on your exams. Of course I wouldn't mind if you translate some of my stories into Russian, go ahead! Do please add a link to my blog if you do. I often post a little extra on this site to go with the story so it would be nice if people get to see that. Well as you can see on the cover, the Master is alive, but he doesn't think he has to play by the Doctor's rules anymore, in fact, he's now making his own rules.

I know I should be writing, but I couldn't resist making the cover of the next installment. I had a good week and was able to get so far as chapter 2. So who knows, with a bit of luck I will be able to post the story in late summer. I should stop wasting my time on making eye candy though, but dammed it's so bloody addictive!

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