Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Verse Naberrie's trailer for my "His Silent Mind" series

For those of you who came to this site for my 10th Doctor-Master fanfic series: A Timelord and his Madman, go HERE to find the complete collection of the previous instalments.

My dear friend VerseNaberrie made a wonderful trailer for this series, see below. For those of you who came here to read the current instalment of the series, please scroll down to find more information on "A Map of the Soul."


Hemlock said...

Omg, I've just read last 4 chapters and I've No Words Left. Reading your text I've no time to compare what is going on with my headcanon, i mean, I'd never write something like this, it's not my perfect AU in which doctor and master travel together, but all this is absolutely brilliant. It's impossible to stop reading. Your characters are so alive and so doctorish. And i don't believe the master can kill the doctor, completely, i mean) never ever ever. and nothing can change my mind) thank you

Alan B. haitsma said...

You're welcome, I am glad you liked it!