Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chapter 17 editing keeps going on forever

I tried to edit chapter 17 of my Master/Donna fic: "in this world you cannot change", which I wrote a week ago, but it's still not the way it should be. I keep working on it, but the story just doesn't flow, hopefully I get it fixed soon and it's up by tomorrow. I went to Amsterdam yesterday and bought "The Story of Martha" Because the reviews are not too bad and it deals with the stuff that happened to her in the year that never was. The first few chapters were okay, but it's pretty much Masterless. I don't understand why the BBC doesn't publish books that are more focussed on the Doctor's evil counterpart. With the character being so widely popular, a novelization centered around the Master wouldn't hurt their cash register. I started writing fiction just because there wasn't anything out there to read, and I'm pretty much a lazy sod, so go figure!

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