Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Doctor on betfair, why oh why?

Before I read the article on Outpost Gallifrey I've never heard of betfair before, but apparently there is a bet on who will be the next Doctor. You can put your money on the different names mentioned during the last few months in the media. Here is the list with the odds.

Who likes a bet?

John was still in the race according to this (yeah...right...).

One thing is clear, Patterson Joseph is a favorite here. He is a BBC drama actor who has also done a couple movies, nothing major, but then again, David wasn't that well known before he did Doctor Who. Curious how he looks like? Go here.

According to the Doctor Who site, the betmakers have closed down the bets on this actor because there is a strong rumor going around that indeed, Patterson is going to be the new Doctor.

I don't mind if he were going to be the next Doctor, but I have to admit that I had my own favorites. I don't know the work of this actor, but am sure to check out his previous work once this news is proven to be correct!

Right, still two hours to go before all is revealed...

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