Friday, December 26, 2008

All fics are equal, but some are more equal then others

On the second day of Christmas, my day-off gave to me...

a chance to catch up with my readings, and I found a couple that made me a very happy person indeed! I love cross-overs. As long as they make any sense they tempt me into reading them any time, but these two by Amproof are absolutely amazing.

Sexby, Sam, and Gene express their regrets to candesgirl

A Letter from Edward Sexby to candesgirl, on the occasion of missing her party. Contained herein are spoilers for The Devil's Whore and mention of topics which Mr. Sexby would be most grateful that his lady should overlook.

Read it here

The Copper and the Spaceman (Doctor Who/Life on Mars)

Sam’s quiet morning is interrupted by a stranger.

Read it here

Speaking of cross-overs, I wouldn't mind someone writing a line or two about The Devil's whore and Doctor Who...

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