Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New chapter coming up

Wohoo! I was totally on the roll today! I've almost finished a new chapter of the story but I'm gonna leave it rest a bit and beta-read it tomorrow before I send it out into the cyberspace and terrorize everybody with my silly grammatical mistakes. My folks are coming around and I promised to cook them Christmas dinner, so there won't be much time to write I'm afraid, plus Doctor Who is on, and I'm absolutely not going to miss that! Still, I'm very excited about the upcoming chapters, and love to scribble them down as quickly as possible, I've got the rough lines of the story plotted all out in my head, but need to restrain myself from filling in the dialogue or the details, or else I wouldn't be motivated to finish writing. Most of the time, I'm typing away like a madman on my apple just because I want to know what happens next myself. Anyhow, you must be bored by my ramblings. A good Christmas to you all and expect a little gift in the form of a new chapter under the tree by tomorrow morgning!

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