Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sam in Ashes to Ashes?

I bumped into this piece of information on the internet. The source is Digital Spy, so you should probably take this with a whole truckload of salt...

It's an interview with Beth Willis, the producer of ATA. At some point the interviewer asked her a couple of questions about the fate of Sam Tyler.

Does Sam Tyler crop up again in this series or have we drawn a line under that now?

"I think we've essentially drawn a line but he does crop up a couple of times. We have a character from Life On Mars who will come up at some point during the series and that will inevitably reopen questions about Sam..."

Is it possible you could have John Simm back?

"I'm sure that would be an interesting thing to do but I think it would have to be story-led. What we know thusfar is that Sam Tyler's car went into the river and he died. So that would be a bigger picture we are exploring if he were to come back!"

For the full interview go here

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