Sunday, December 14, 2008

Boulevard of Broken Dreams music video

This songmix is mainly composed out of Boulevard of broken Dreams (Greenday) and Wonderwall (Oasis). I took the main characters of Crime and Punishment and Casanova and I fitted each of them with a song. Rodya = Boulevard of broken dreams, and Casanova = Wonderwall. In the last part, the characters switch songs and their stories eventually become one in the end. Rodya Raskolnikov and Giacomo Casanova are played by the talented John Simm and David Tennant respectively. The clips are taken from the wonderful BBC series.


#60 - most discussed (2nd of april 2008) - music
#52 - Biggest favorite (2nd of april 2008)
#19 - Biggest favorite (2nd of april 2008)- music
#62 - Highest rated (2nd of april 2008) - music
#72 - Biggest favorite (this week) - music

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